Collection: Awareness

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a relatively common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting up to 10 per every 1,000 children worldwide. Children afflicted with this disorder all fit into a different spectrum. No two children with autism are truly the same. Services they need can include therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis, Occupational Therapy, and Social Skills programs. Most states end these resources when they turn 21. As a result of their social and cognitive functionality, they may require lifetime care. With the number of children diagnosed rising these services are essential to their quality of life. It is imperative that public awareness is improved in order to prevent delays in providing the services they need.

We here at Xii&Co. Love someone with Autism. We have the honor of interacting with countless families and their amazing children. Let's spread love, knowledge, and change for these amazing children and adults living with Autism!

20% of all sales for the Autism Awareness Tee will go to:

National: The Organization for Autism Research 

California: The Autism Research Institute 

Both hold a 4-star rating with Charity Network and we are proud to support them by giving back to such a wonderful cause.